How I decided to become an astrologer: Astrologer Ajeet Yadav

8/2/20232 min read

I was doing a certificate course in “Indian Heritage” 4 years back at the Indian Institute of Tour and Travel Management. In the course, I was taught Temple architecture. I always wondered why we feel peaceful and calm in Temples. I realized in the course that it is because our ancestors worked on the Vastu of temples. They decided each and everything where it should be. Vastu is all about energy balance - the balance of 5 elements such as Fire, Air, etc.

I realized how Vastu is very significant in our lives where we live - be it our home, office, etc. I could also relate it to myself. I had lived on rent in Delhi NCR for a long time. I changed at least 7-8 houses. In some houses, I felt really good, and in some not. It was because of Vastu playing a major role. Vastu of some houses was not good.

I asked the IITTM professor whether I should do a course in Vastu. He said I can, but make sure I utilize it in the right way. I said sure, sir. At that time, the National Sanskrit University was running a Certificate course in Vastu. I called a professor there and expressed my desire to take admission in the Vastu course. But he asked me if I know Astrology. I said No. He suggested taking admission in astrology first if I want to understand Vastu well. I said Okay. Then I took admission in Vastu and Astrology both.

While I studied Astrology, I wondered how powerful astrology is - how planetary movements affect our day-to-day life and an individual's life. It is such a wonderful gift given by our ancestors to us. Our ancestors were using Astrology for the welfare of people and society. I thought, why didn't I study it before.

Astrology is very powerful. Some people don’t believe in it, but personally, after studying astrology for the last 4 years, I can say Astrology works. It is more than science; it’s divine knowledge. A good astrologer can help and guide for the betterment of people through the power of astrology, just like our ancestors did.

When I was studying astrology, I always thought that from the life background, struggle, and experience I come from, astrology gives me a platform to meet people who are suffering from problems in life; my skills can be best utilized to help them overcome these life challenges. Then I decided to become an astrologer.

Embracing my role as an astrologer, I feel humbled and responsible. I aspire to assist people in overcoming their obstacles, enabling them to lead fulfilling lives. I eagerly look forward to helping others through the profound knowledge of astrology, just as our ancestors did for generations.